April 21st Loton Park
May 4th Prescott
May 10th Barbon
May 11th Harewood
May 25th Gurston
June 8th Shelsley Walsh
June 15th Doune
June 22nd Loton Park
June 6th Harewood
July 17th Bouley Bay
June 19th Val des Terres
July 27th Wiscombe
August 2nd Craigantlet
August 16th Shelsley Walsh
August 24th Gurston
September 7th Prescott
September 21st Doune

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At Gurston Down a new record was set by Adam Fleetwood who won the first run off, but then Graeme Wight Jnr fought back with a brilliant afternoon run off win – but only just by 1/100th of a second. With rounds getting short in number, it may be that Wight Jnr just does not have enough rounds left to overhaul the rookie Fleetwood through the Prescott and Doune weekends.

However, will Doune be the domain of the Scot leaving Fleetwood to blitz at Prescott? The flip to that is that Wight Jnr stuffed his car at Doune in June whilst Fleetwood spun out in one of the run offs. 10 points each it was then. But at Prescott on May 4th, Fleetwood only practiced the car as father Roger went off on his morning class run on the Sunday leaving Wight Jnr to the 2 wins including a record on the very last run.

The showdown can be viewed as follows. If the pair of them get to the top of Prescott and Doune then Adam has the upper hand by virtue of leading at the moment anyway. If Wight Jnr wins the remaining rounds it is pretty sure and likely that Adam will be second all other things being equal. What Jnr needs is people between he and Fleetwood...and that’s unlikely...especially as some drivers won’t go to Doune as their positions are as good as set in stone lower down.

Mechanical failure can never be far away as the Fleetwood Gould found out on Saturday when the clutch completely exploded into a million pieces leaving a trip back to Newbury and a long long night for Sean Gould and gang to repair it. Adam used Roy Lan’s car to practice in.

Anyway.... Gurston took place in fine weather even though it was a little wet in the morning before the first class runs. It brightened up for the bulk of the day with then just a couple of small spots falling after the afternoon run off. Ben Butterfield blitzed the 2 litre record pretty well every time he went up the hill to leave it eventually at 28.42 even after a 28.37 on Saturday.

Tim Mason did very well in the afternoon to be so close to the top two. 0.23 seconds off a GR55 in a GR37 is impressive. About £45k might be the difference too! Tim still could be a spoiler at Doune....

Paul Ranson did well in the first runoff to get 7th and then a 9th whilst Martin Groves got another couple of 4ths to climb up the championship standings to be 7th but could be 5th again by the end. He’ll go very well at Doune and surprise a few people..... Roy Lane is in 5th at the moment after two 5ths at Gurston – who say’s he’s past it! Well done Roy to acclimatise so well so quickly. Mike Dean just lost out on repeating 6th from the morning run off when he got an 8th in the afternoon, but is bagging good points for the championship. Rob Turnbull took that 6th in the afternoon with Willem Toet not far off.

Roger Moran’s V6 Pilbeam just ran out of puff to get him a 9th in the morning, but poor Simon Durling didn’t score a point at all. 4th last year and – not so much struggling – but showing that in order to qualify you really do have to go very fast indeed with SO many cars in the big classes.

Mark Budgett flew but was not quick enough to keep back Rob Barksfield’s little Saxon – an immaculately finished machine.

Rumour mill : With more and more Goulds appearing in the big class – what chance another manufacturer appearing to try and topple them? Watch this space...

Next round is on September 7th at Prescott.



Round 29 Round 30
Driver Trap Split Time Speed
Adam Fleetwood 126 13.86 26.38 143
Graeme Wight Jnr 128 13.71 26.55 137
Tim Mason 131 14.46 27.04 133
Martin Groves 130 14.43 27.23 123
Roy Lane 131 14.64 27.31 129
Mike Dean 130 14.79 27.53  
Paul Ranson 123 14.86 27.80  
Rob Turnbull 118 14.73 27.81 135
Roger Moran 121 15.01 27.90 128
Willem Toet 119 14.90 28.04 122
Chris Merrick 125 15.30 28.20 126
Simon Durling 125 15.14 28.22 130
Driver Trap Split Time Speed
Graeme Wight Jnr 126 14.02 26.48 139
Adam Fleetwood 125 13.83 26.49 142
Tim Mason 131 14.41 26.82 132
Martin Groves 124 14.46 27.11 124
Roy Lane 132 14.60 27.25 126
Rob Turnbull 122 14.67 27.30 136
Willem Toet 128 14.63 27.42 124
Mike Dean 129 14.61 27.47 129
Paul Ranson 124 14.85 27.83 130
Chris Merrick 125 14.99 27.88 124
Simon Durling 126 15.07 28.15 136
Ben Butterfield 111 14.83 28.40 118