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Venue Map
April 12 Loton Park
May 2 Prescott
May 15 Barbon
May 16 Harewood
May 30 Gurston Down
June 6 Shelsley Walsh
June 13 Loton Park
June 20 Doune
July 4 Harewood
July 15 Bouley Bay
July 17 Val des Terres
July 25 Wiscombe
August 7 Craigantlet
August15 Shelsley Walsh
August 29 Gurston Down
September 5 Prescott
September 19 Doune

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New Pilbeam MP92 Hillclimb Sportscar

Pilbeam have produced a new carbon chassis for the increasingly popular sports racing class.

The car is completely new and designed to add interest to the hillclimb and circuit racing scene. It uses a very efficient lightweight aerodynamic package which could be competitive with the single seat hillclimb class and will provide an alternative option for drivers as well as providing a very advanced Sports Racer for 2 litre events such as the V-dV series.

The first MP92 is being built for Mike Sidgwick with a 3.9 litre Cosworth DFL in the back and will be campaigned in the UK and on the Continent. Other engine installations including a 2 litre version will be available.

The design incorporates a number of new features in the suspension and aerodynamics developed in tests over the last year to optimise the handling and cornering power. This has been possible due to Pilbeams research on their very successful sports racers cars for Le Mans.

Sidgwick will share the car with Ben Butterfield.


April 10 Loton Park
May 1 Prescott
May 14 Barbon
May 15 Harewood
May 29 Gurston Down
June 5 Shelsley Walsh
June 12 Loton Park
June 19 Doune
July 3 Harewood
July 14 Bouley Bay
July 16 Val des Terres
July 31 Wiscombe Park
August 6 Craigantlet
August 20 Shelsley Walsh
August 28 Gurston Down
September 4 Prescott
September 18 Doune


Andy Priaulx is to have a Williams F1 test in 2005 after being victorious for BMW Team Great Britain in the European Touring Car Championship. Dr Mario Thiessen of BMW has given Andy a drive, not just as a thank you, but as a way of seeing what he’ll be like in the car. Andy is going for a seat fitting at BMW Williams tomorrow (December 18th 2004) before the test at Valencia, Spain before the end of January.

Andy has also been (obviously) given a works BMW contract for the 2005 WTCC season. (The last driver to win that was Roberto a BMW in 1988, so omens start here.) (

Other jobs that he may have on hand during the 2005 season include the Nürburgring 24 hour race in the BMW M3 GTR, although this has not yet been confirmed, Andy has had a very special on-board DVD of the ‘ring with Hans Stück doing a qualifying lap last June whilst en route to eventually winning his third Nürburgring 24hr race... Prialux drove the car in the 2004 Spa 24 hr race and was lying third when the alternator failed.
Readers of Autosport have just voted him the 2004 British Competition Driver of the Year. He is the first non F1 driver to win this award since Derek Bell in 1984...the same Derek Bell who skipped Saturday morning school in Worcester to come and have a look at Shelsley Walsh...

Gould Engineering are in the process of building three new GR55s. One for Groves/Ranson, another for Mike Dean, and a further one for Simon Durling. Durling’s will have an un-bored XB engine at 2.65 litres, whilst the other two will have 3.5 litres similar to the Fleetwood winning car of 2004. There are some modifications to the car in general that may see it being rebadged a GR55B. Gould’s little Supercharged Hiyabusa engined car is still on hold.

Roy Lane has sold his GR55 to Karl Davison. Davison has moved the RTL engine over to his original GR37 white car that is now for sale.

Roger Moran has bought a monocoque from Ralt. A F993 is being modified at Goulds to take the back end of a GR 55. An NME Engine (believed to be 3.5 V8) will go in the back.

Willem Toet is still looking to share with another quick driver.

Fleetwoods are looking to continue even though the car was / is up for sale. The engine is reportedly being re-fettled at NME.

Graeme Wight Jr’s GR51 (red one) was sold to Deryk Young in the Autumn. The car is currently in Scotland being equipped with Deryk’s methanol V8.

Pilbeam is building a sports racer again according to sources. Who is it for? Top12 would like to know? One things is that it is sure to be as pretty as an MP43...

Geoff Rollason is to return to single seaters. He has bought the Moran 2.5 V6 and is sleeving it down to a 2 litre.

The Huntington Park venue is still awaiting planning permission, but as soon as it is granted the machines will be on the place in days. Positioned just outside Kington, Herefordshire, on John Jones’ land, the hill is planned to measure just over a mile with a vertical difference of 240 feet. Shelsley Walsh has the biggest difference on the calendar at present with 328 feet difference from start to finish.

Preparations for the 100th Celebrations of Shelsley Walsh are gathering momentum. With the main focus of the year upon a three day meeting August 19, 20, 21, there is also a ‘get together’ at the hill on the actual day, August 12th (Friday) with a dinner in the evening locally. Details will emerge closer to the time.

Toby Moody
December 17th 2004

Graeme Wight Junior's new car for the 2005 season broke cover at the end of season Doune meeting. Fitted with a dummy V10 engine for show, the car has been built and designed my Martin Ogilvy. Runs will start over winter, but expect to see the car howl up hills in 2005. Pictures John Charters


There is a brand new 60 minute video out about the history of Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb. With footage from the early 1900s through to the actual record breaking run of Graeme Wight Jnr in June 2003, this video encompasses everything that is evocative about Shelsley Walsh.

"Shelsley Walsh - the first 99 years" a new 60 minute film produced with the support of Jaguar Cars tracing the full history of this famous venue.

Using footage, some of it previously unseen, from the Edwardian era running right through to the current hill record breaking run in 2003, there are shots of, or interviews with, all the hill climb champions.

Sir Stirling Moss O.B.E. the Patron of the Shelsley Trust is shown speaking in 2004 emphasising his support to ensure continuing motor sport at the hill and all proceeds from the sale of the film will go to the Shelsley Trust fund.

Video £15.50, DVD £17.00 both including p&p available from the club office.

Available from Midland Automobile Club, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Worcester WR6 6RP
01886 812211