Graeme Wight Jnr sped to a double win at the opening round of the Tran-X British Hill Climb Champinship at Gurston Down in his Gould V6. He has started 2001 off in brilliant style after finishing 4th last year in a car he was bedding in and getting used to after his step up from the 1600cc class. His plan at the start of the day was to walk away with around 14 points, but instead went home with 20. He could have scored 22 if he had broken the record in each of the run offs but did not trouble Andy Priaulx's 27.14 from the same meeting six years ago. "I am very happy indeed to do this here at what really is a bit of a bogey hill for me. It was a bit nerve wracking over the line a few times in the class and then the run off runs as the wind was buffeting my head and I couldn't really see what was going on, so instead I let off a little before the line just to get it over." Wight Jnr was visibly shaking after the first win of the year in the morning when he had a huge moment at 140mph over the line. "It was on the grass one side and then the other and it was the closest I have ever had to putting it well and truly in the weeds since we've had the car." Sean Gould present on behalf of the car's constructors was over the moon too. "I don't think we'll see as much of an advantage with the Gould V6 on other hills as we have seen here today, but he is going to be very strong indeed at the quick places - such as Shelsley." Coming out of the opener in second place was the 1997 Champion, Roger Moran with 16 points after two 3rd places in his brand new Gould GR37 4 litre Judd. He has only had two running in the car two weeks ago and was suitably chuffed with his performance. "Just getting used to car that is all SO different to the Pilbeam I've been driving over the past few years. Everything just happens soo fast. It's not an easy driving environment in there as it is very direct, but really it is just me getting used to holding on through the fast corners to try and get the time back from Graeme Jnr on the fast down hill section through Hollow towards Karousel." Tim Mason and Roy Lane had a second place apiece, but Lane struggled in the morning with new tyres taking time to bed in, whilst Mason's second place from the morning could not be bettered in the afternoon due to bent wishbones. The Two Tims Team decided against running in the afternoon in case of a failure.

Graeme Wight Jnr
2 wins and miles ahead of the rest. More torque and 5 more bhp from the engine after being rebuilt over the winter with replacement 'important parts'. Flattened out power curve so power not coming in at 6 rather than 9+. Wanted about 2 thirds, but smoked then. Has hit the ground running whilst others find their feet. Impressive but did frighten himself silly on the first run at the top being on the grass twice.

Roger Moran
Very happy to be second in the former Richard Fry car he has rebuilt over the winter from the ground up. Getting used to the Gould way of driving which prompted him to change brake balance towards the front for better bite and initial turn in through tighter corners. Will get all his ducks in a row and then come out fighting once comfortable in the car. Sean Gould says this could take a while, but although Moran seems cautious, he never forgets anything if a miscalculation has been made. Looking forward to Shelsley immensely as struggled there in Pilbeam for front end grip all of the time.

Roy Lane
Annoyed that it took the tyres thre or four runs to bed themselves in to give maximum grip only leaving him competitive on the afternoon run when he was 2nd. Went the wrong way on fuel (too lean) in the morning when slipped to 6th, potentially a non score come the year end. Still stealthily fast and nipping at the heels of the V6 Gould.

Rob Turnbull
5th and a 4th in his Gould.

Tim Mason
Flew in the morning run off to be second but unable to take the afternoon run due to bent wishbones at the front. Culmination of axtra down force being produced by the new nose and front wing configuration (a la Gould V6) and wider front tyres producing more grip. Discovered problem after second class run and in discussion with Tim Coventry and Sean Gould, had to painfully sit it out after having qualified second fastest only to Wight Jnr. Being annoyed early in the season not needed. Will straighten wishbones back at Goulds in Newbury and then strengthen them internally with a rod going through the centre.

Playing hs way in with his new car. 8th and a 5th.

"Two 7ths and mission accomplished. Pleased."

Very happy with the car after the morning even though there was a little understeer through Ashes, but then see Tim Mason.

Jim Robinson
In the points for the afternoon with his 2.8 Hart powered MP58 Pilbeam. Happy indeed he is!

Martin Groves
Non qualifyer in the morning with a spin, but then overcame actually stalling the car to get into the afternoon run off. When right off the throttle the engine dies, but tuning himself in safely. Will be very quick as one of the most committed drivers overall in the Championship.





Round 1 Gurston
1 Graeme Wight Jnr 27.31
2 Tim Mason 27.75
3 Roger Moran 28.06
4 Tim Coventry 28.17
5 Rob Turnbull 28.30
6 Roy Lane 28.86
7 Chris Merrick 29.44
8 Simon Durling 29.46
9 Ben Butterfield 29.73
10 Alan Warburton 29.75
11 Jim Robinson 29.89
12 Graeme Wight Snr 31.24
Round 2 Gurston
1 Graeme Wight Jnr 27.28
2 Roy Lane 27.96
3 Roger Moran 28.08
4 Rob Turnbull 28.15
5 Simon Durling 28.79
6 Jim Robinson 29.14
7 Chris Merrick 29.18
8 Martin Groves 29.31
9 Trevor Willis 29.70
10 Mark Lawrence FAIL
11 Tim Coventry NO RUN
12 Tim Mason NO RUN