Nicholson McLaren Engines - Sponsors of the 2004 British Speed Hill Climb Championship

2004 Season 2004 Results
2004 Winners

Venue Map
April 12 Loton Park
May 2 Prescott
May 15 Barbon
May 16 Harewood
May 30 Gurston Down
June 6 Shelsley Walsh
June 13 Loton Park
June 20 Doune
July 4 Harewood
July 15 Bouley Bay
July 17 Val des Terres
July 25 Wiscombe
August 7 Craigantlet
August15 Shelsley Walsh
August 29 Gurston Down
September 5 Prescott
September 19 Doune

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Graeme Wight JnrGould Engineering have won the British Hill Climb Championship seven times after being victorious in 1985 with the 84G that Chris Cramer shared with David Gould. Then into the 90s and David returned with a hybrid Ralt F3 cars modified to go hill climbing. This entailed narrower track and giving the car a great deal more mechanical traction. The result was David Grace winning the championship in 1998 and stopping an eight year run from Pilbeam.

Grace went on to win in 99 and 2000 before Graeme Wight Jnr stormed to the top of the hills with the small, lighter, more nimble GR51 which utilised a 2.5 Cosworth designed and built V6 engine from the 1996 Keke Rosberg run Opel Calibras in the DTM / ITC championship.

Adam Fleetwood2003 saw an evolution on the GR51 with the GR55 of Adam Fleetwood. This had a Nicholson McLaren 3.3 litre V8 which was a bored out 2.65 litre CART engine with the turbo charger removed. The engine was a great deal lighter and lower slung than any other V8 on the hills at the time. This aided Fleetwood to take the 2003 title in his first year driving an unlimited capacity single seater.

Gould are also building a smaller motorcycle engined car for Tim Mason and Mark Budgett. This machine will be a 1.4 litre supercharged to put it into the 2 litre class with the equivalence factor. The car looks to make its first appearance into May/June time.

Gould Website:


Click here for a larger imageMike Pilbeam’s designs first won the Hill Climb Championship in 1977 with Alister Douglas-Osborn’s DFV powered R22. Since then another 16 titles have gone Pilbeam’s way. Into 2004 and Pilbeam have 1997 Champion Roger Moran continuing in the MP88 but he’s shunned the V6 engine for a V8 once more, just as he had back in 1997. Moran will have a a KV 4 litre Judd V8 in the back of the car for the 2004 season with about 680bhp. The car weighs in at about 480kgs (estimate) and so is very light indeed. Willem Toet has gone for an MP88 too with the usual special floors, sidepods and associated aero stuff. Interestingly he is going to mount a ‘highish’ nose on the car, but integrate an element of F1 crash type technology inside the nose.

Pilbeam website: