7th October Harewood




Graeme Wight Jnr, the 2001 Tran-X British Hill Climb Champion bounced back at Harewood for rounds 25 and 26 of the year with a freshly rebuilt Gould V6 after his father dinged it in practice for the last round at Loton nearly a month ago. Junior took the class record and got to within 0.25 of the outright hill record too.

The long period of time in between the meetings - rescheduled due to foot and mouth - were hugely advantageous for Wight and Gould Engineering in order for them to completely strip the car down and give it a full repair job after a large hole was punctured into the bottom of the tub just underneath the cockpit. With a new floor and modifications which were planned to be administered over the winter, the mods were done whilst the car was apart to save time and effort for all concerned. These include additional rear suspension updated to aid the car off the line - its achilles heel - and a new front wing profile and mounting points, a newer lighter rear diffuser and a massive saving of 10kgs through re-machining of aluminium mounting points and such. That's ten full bags of sugar!

Father Graeme Wight did not drive, but Sean Gould did after having a return in the 84G at big Shelsley in August. "It is awesome. Just awesome! I can now fully appreciate why and how he is doing so well now." Said Sean.

Roger Moran was second on both runs and ascended the hill way faster than he has ever done before - it was ironic that the Gould V6 of Wight Jnr has moved the goal posts just as Roger is getting into the grove of the Gould after 'clicking' with it in mid August after curing a set-up fault. In the chase for second place in the title, it is going to come down to Loton next weekend where Moran (170) traditionally goes so well so maybe he can find the three extra points over Tim Mason (173) although the pair of them have to score more than 7 (4th place) to add to their tally.

Team Tim have a repaired car after Coventry's off at Shelsley on September 23rd where he was half a second faster to the point he went off at (Crossing) than he had ever been before until it let go. Hindsight and analysis has deciphered that after a rear plane was taken of the rear wing to balance the car and with the cool conditions it was not enough to keep the rear wheels planted. In the battle with Moran it looks to be 6 or 2 threes. Moran only 2 wins from the year, but in a new car and strong at Loton. Mason 5 wins in a car he knows, and has three points on Moran.

Martin Groves has taken the ATOL to the limit that the cars owners will let him (same problem that Moran had with it last year) and so drove Simon Durling's Gould V8 to beat him and ironically take a championship place off him. Shame for Simon, but a tantalising prospect in the big class to see Groves in a Gould. He is quick... Trevor Willis, Steve Owen and The Flying Budgett all biffed a few big cars to get into the run offs and score points. Chris Merrick and Oliver Tomlin tied in the first run off for eighth but Oliver flew to his best result in the second for 7th spot in the 2.8 Hart Pilbeam. Deryk Young messed the first run off whilst Martin O'Connell in Christian Mineef's SPA V8 qualified for the second run off and stalled on the line. It just would not restart at all.

Conditions were dry all day at the one day meeting with it drawing to a cold close at 15.45 with the heavens opening at 16.30!

The Leaders Championship was taken by Paul Haimes in the 2 litre Sportscar class, whilst Martin Groves took the Y Gelli book auctions challenge.

Next round is Loton Park - the season closer on October 14th.

Graeme Wight Jnr 52.41
Roger Moran 53.12
Tim Coventry 53.80
Tim Mason 54.47
Martin Groves 54.65
Trevor Willis 54.69
Simon Durling 55.48
Chris Merrick 55.65
Oliver Tomlin 55.65
Steve Owen 55.85
Mark Budgett 56.20
Deryk Young 79.31
Graeme Wight Jnr 52.01
Roger Moran 53.09
Tim Mason 53.42
Tim Coventry 54.17
Martin Groves 54.44
Deryk Young 55.11
Oliver Tomlin 55.20
Ben Butterfield 55.47
Steve Owen 55.97
Mark Budgett 56.06
Simon Durling 56.13
Martin O'Connell No Run