Martin Groves slithered to a second win of the year at Loton Park in the first run off in the final meeting of the year whilst 2001 Champion Graeme Wight Jnr sped to an outright hill record on the very last run of zero-one. For Groves it was an impressive performance where he just out drove them all fair and square in slippery conditions left all over the Shropshire hill as early morning fog lifted progressively, but leaving a sheen of dew over the tarmac. Wight Jnr capitalised upon the dry conditions in the afternoon run off when it was dry and fine, but with the air still heavy with oxygen that made the engine breath far better and of course the 'heavy' air better for the immense aerodynamical performance of the Gould V6. That therefore gives us the second year in a row when the very last run of the year has seen a record run in a Gould. Last year it was David grace who sped to the Prescott record at the Gold Cup meeting, but alas we were not to know it was the last run of the year due to the impending petrol crisis and then cancellation of Doune two weeks later. The record (by 0.150 now gives Grame Wight Jnr hill records at Doune, Prescott, Shelsley Walsh, and Loton. He said at the weekend that his plans for 2002 were to get every record at each hill in the British Hill Climb Championship. Watch this space! The battle for second place in the championship ended level with the tie break only going to Tim Mason on next best results from the twenty results which count towards the championship. Both he and Roger Moran were on 174.

Trevor Willis - what a boy! 2 litre V8 bashing galore in the OMS although the weather did help. Safe a sound peddler he is. Simon Durling did not take his second run off due to the oil pressure light flickering so he flicked the switches.

Deryk Young shared Chris Merrick's Pilbeam MP72 after Young's engine went pop in practice which is a bit of a pain as he's only just had it rebuilt...

Oliver Tomlin got his best result ever in the second run off with 5th equal in the 2.8 Hart MP58. The meeting started 30 minutes late in order to let fog clear from overhead, but otherwise it stayed dry for the rest of the day.

The Midland Hill Climb title was clinched by the all conquering Mark Butler (5 litre Dax Rush) from Phil Davies (Westfield Megabusa) from Scott Moran who held his own in the 2 litre Mod Prod class in an 1800 Caterham. Well done to all concerned. Drive of the day? Trevor Willis for 5th place in the first run off, Groves and Junior.

More... errr... next year! But do keep in touch and send me your email address so I can send you the odd email throughout the off season to keep you in touch with the hill climb scene, news and gossip for the 2002 season.

Many thanks to everyone

Toby Moody

Martin Groves 57.90
Roger Moran 52.38
Graeme Wight Jnr 52.55
Tim Mason 52.76
Trevor Willis 52.99
Jim Robinson 54.21
Simon Durling 54.22
Chris Merrick 55.12
Roy Lane 55.39
Mark Coley 56.06
Tom New 57.85
Deryk Young 59.05
Graeme Wight Jnr 46.55
Roger Moran 47.28
Tim Mason 48.25
Roy Lane 48.51
Oliver Tomlin 48.91
Jim Robinson 48.91
Deryk Young 48.91
Trevor Willis 48.96
Martin Groves 49.06
Mark Coley 50.14
Mark Budgett 50.90
Simon Durling No Run