Is there no stopping him?! Graeme Wight Jnr sped through the first corner at Prescott with such speed it was breathtaking as the others tried hard to keep up. The Gould V6 in its second year of competition was on rails and looked good all weekend even though it was maybe too hot for a record attempt on the 37.76 seconds of Gracie from September last year. "I thought that I was not quick enough into Pardon so I changed the car for the final run off which is something that I don't normally do but it transformed the car.. I anticipated understeer into the semi circle and so gave myself room but it just tucked in tight and close and I had to unravel the steering.. A very good day for all of us!"

Graeme rightly thanked the marshals and all of the officials for working in such hot conditions but asked if he was going to cancel his trip to the Channel Islands he refused. "I want to drive the place - it is a National Championship so you almost need to go.

To top a fantastic afternoon for the Wight family, Father Graeme Wight got his best ever finish with 4th. He was over the moon and nominated by David and Sean Gould as their man of the meeting. Wight Jnr said at the end, "At this rate I am going to be the first one up and I'll have to be the tyre warmer!" Elder Graeme said, "Very happy of course I am. Really chuffed to bits. This is a hill where you have to chuck it around a bit but we are now beginning to prove that it works with another driver."

Roger Moran was second in the second run - the light blue Gould all over the place with rear damper trouble, but the Herefordshire driver will be glad for the 9 points and the 8 points from the morning's run. Upon looking at the rear dampers after the meeting it is thought that there is some air bubbles building up in the oil."I am doing 110mph at the Bridge before Orchard and then 110 mph before I am on the brakes into Pardon - it is just so fast I am having to re-learn how to drive in a very different chassis."

Rob Turnbull came away with an excellent 4th and then a 6th with his Gould much more stable through the first corner than the Moran car. He is third in the championship only being headed by Moran and Wight Jnr. Will snap at the heels of many throughout the year.

Roy Lane was second in the morning run off chasing Wight Jnr home but was uneasy when hearing noises from the gearbox as he coasted down the return road after his afternoon class run. Once on his second run off run he changed down for Pardon and it didn't like it in the gearbox department bringing his day to a close. Nothing was visible from the outside and so he and the crew will take it all apart to discover what it may be even though the 'diff still worked. "I am not entered for Harewood and so we have two weeks to prepare for Shelsley on the weekend of 7th and 8th of July."

Tim Mason came away with a "lucky third" in the afternoon it what was a hard weekend for Team Tim. "Nothing more could have gone wrong for us this weekend," he said, " Shock absorbers needing rebuilding, bent driveshafts, fuel pump problems and a throttle potentiometer failing all made it a bit of a pain." Mason had to coast across the line in the morning after the throttle pot failed whilst Tim Coventry netted 5th. In the afternoon Coventry was 7th when the car stalled and then was bumped by Tim through Ettorres. The car when it went did however carry a great deal of it's Shelsley run off winning speed.

Simon Durling is in the same mould as Roger Moran at the moment in having to learn Gould driving skills from Pilbeam ones of last year and years before. It is coming - the car will win if only as it is so resplendent in 'Ducati red'! 7th in the championship is above his 10th spot from last year.

Chris Merrick had his first Prescott in the Pilbeam MP72 and was very pleased indeed. "My target for this year is to just to beat my Ralt times and for here that was a 40.4 and this afternoon I did a 40.29 so I am getting there. For the first time this year I found myself really leaning on the car too."

Martin Groves was in on the morning runs for a 6th but failed to get into the afternoon one through, "...forgetting that I am not driving a Mallock still..!" He flew into the Esses around the blind right and didn't lift. "It went one way and then the other. A real slapper that leaves me lucky not to be in the wall. Still, a better weekend than last time out at Shelsley when I didn't get a run I suppose, so onwards we go to Harewood. I am looking forward to that."

Oliver Tomlin was fastest at the members meeting at Prescott three weeks ago and went one better by qualifying for his first ever British Championship run off in his MP58 2.8 Hart but suffered terrible luck when a driveshaft broke on the approach to the line for his run whilst in the afternoon the engine was off song and hamstrung his progress. Up and coming. Level headed and with the most original website on the car.

Jim Robinson spun on his first run off whilst Guy Lees-Milne got into the first stanza with his 2 litre MP58 for a 7th place. Ben Butterfield was a fantastic 5th in the afternoon although he did not qualify in the morning with car trouble. The little Dallara Gould has now been snapping at the V8 heels for a couple of weeks now.. it looks as though the 2 litre cars have found a new lease of energy both mechanically and from the drivers seat. More David and Goliaths!

Mike Pitt ran rings around the 1400 class record when he took 1.15 seconds off the mark from the 1994 'Talbot Express' Lotus 7 of Dylan Talbot. The new notch is at 43.95. To do anything in that class now you need bike power. He was quicker than the Evo 5 and Mark Butler's Dax V8 4x4 by 4 full seconds! What?! Mike won the Man of the Meeting award.

Elsewhere Richard Marshall got the under 2 litre Mod Prod record with 46.60, Simon Bridge lopped a bit off the pre '71 Classic record in his Anglia with 50.14 whilst Graeme Wight Jnr did actually get the class record in the big class en route to his double win in the Championship runs. His 38.04 there was actually BTD.

Scania were welcome at Prescott with their hospitality unit just to the right hand side of the startline. We all hope that their guests had a very enjoyable day.

Sunshine, Sunburn, Hill Climbing and the English countryside.

More of the same please for the rest of the year.

Next round is at Harewood on July 1st.

Round 5
Graeme Wight Jnr 38.34
Roy Lane 38.51
Roger Moran 38.56
Rob Turnbull 38.6
Tim Coventry 39.17
Martin Groves 40.01
Guy Lees-Milne 41.05
Simon Durling 41.08
Chris Merrick 41.3
Tim Mason 46.01
Jim Robinson Fail
Oliver Tomlin


Round 6
Graeme Wight Jnr 38.43
Roger Moran 38.84
Tim Mason 39.19
Graeme Wight 39.27
Ben Butterfield 39.52
Rob Turnbull 39.6
Tim Coventry 40.02
Chris Merrick 40.29
Simon Durling 40.74
Colin le Maitre 40.94
Trevor Willis 41.05
Roy Lane Fail
Graeme Wight Jnr 60
Roger Moran 45
Rob Turnbull 39
Roy Lane 36
Tim Mason 35
Tim Coventry 27
Simon Durling 22
Chris Merrick 15
Graeme Wight 12
Ben Butterfield 9
Martin Groves 8
Alan Warburton 7