Tim Mason did the double at Wiscombe on July 29th with a win and a shared win when he and Graeme Wight Jnr did exactly the same time in the second run off to tie on 35.96. Team mate Tim Coventry chased equally as hard on his 'local' hill to his Falmouth home when he was second and third respectively.

Championship leader Graeme Wight Jnr had a little trouble through the slow corners all day with the Gould V6 but changed his driving style accordingly to draw level with Mason in the second run off.

The weather was stiflingly hot all weekend with the outright Martyn Griffiths record from 1991 being out of reach.

More on Monday, but here are some pictures and the run off results in the meantime. One of them is a 16 frame sequence of Roger Moran approaching the final corner - Martini - on his final run of the day when he hit 120mph between the Saw bench and Martini hairpins. You will be enlightened to know that I risked life and limb high up an oak tree for the shot. aarrrrhh the things we do for the right shot...


Tim Mason 35.38
Tim Coventry 35.65
Graeme Wight Jnr 36.02
Rob Turnbull 36.03
Roger Moran 36.03
Martin Groves 36.30
Simon Durling 37.07
Jim Robinson 37.09
Ian Chard 37.16
Graeme Wight Snr 37.48
Trevor Willis 37.60
Willem Toet Spin
Tim Mason 35.96
Graeme Wight Jnr 35.96
Tim Coventry 36.26
Roger Moran 36.42
Martin Groves 36.69
Rob Turnbull 36.83
Willem Toet 37.10
Jim Robinson 37.28
Simon Durling 37.34
Trevor Willis 40.41
Graeme Wight Snr Fail
Ian Chard Fail