'All Photos by John Wood'


What about that for a second run off! 7/100ths of a second covering the first four places in a run of 40 seconds and Graeme Wight Jnr is beatable! The question is though he has never been to the Channel Islands before so they had better watch out next year. However, it was Tim Coventry and then Roy Lane who showed us that they are the strongest threat to Junior's domination of wins in 2001 - Tim especially, but not without his own troubles as he spun right at the very last corner on the second run off losing precious points - points that seem to mean more due to the trip over to the islands to get them in the first place... Tim did get a point off the last run off if only due to two others not taking their runs.

Therefore, that left the person with the most points as Roger Moran from a possible 20, he came away with 18 after two second places showing us that he may be getting to grips with the Gould and its sheer speed which he is having to 'recalibrate his brain to'.

Wight Junior was 6th in the first run and failed to qualify for the second after he outbraked himself totally at the Radio Hairpin to need a three point turn in order to get out of his mis hap! Will Guernsey prove to be as friendly to the Gould V6 on Saturday?

Rob Turnbull had a tumultuous journey there after getting held up on the ferry off the mainland only arriving to Bouley Bay at 8.30 on Wednesday night, but it didn't unsurp him and he raised himself a further place up the championship because of it too.

Tim Mason had a weekend at Silverstone for the F1 and it seemed to work well for him in the second run off with a joint second with Roger Moran to be now 3rd in the championship.

As always the Channel Islands gives us some of the local drivers in amongst the Championship regulars with Rob Romeril in Patrick Wood's MP58, Jeremy Phillips in a 5.7 self built JPR and Mark Ferbrache in a 6.3 Chevron B54 all in the run offs.

So on Friday the circus of the Championship up sticks on the ferry for the short journey to Val des Terres in Guernsey.!



Tim Coventry 40.19
Roger Moran 40.36
Rob Turnbull 40.52
Toy Lane 40.64
Tim Mason 40.77
Graeme Wight Jnr 41.01
Colin Le Maitre 41.08
Simon Durling 42.23
Martin Groves 42.29
Jeremy Phillips 42.57
Rob Romeril 42.62
Trevor Willis 43.05
Roy Lane 40.56
Roger Moran 40.60
Tim Mason 40.60
Rob Turnbull 40.63
Simon Durling 41.49
Colin le Maitre 41.94
Mark Ferbrache 43.22
Chris Merrick 43.28
Martin Groves 44.18
Tim Coventry Fail
Trevor Willis No run
Jeremy Phillips No run