Martin Groves spent many a year thrashing others at Val des Terres in his Mallock, but he vented revenge today when he won his first ever British Hill Climb round in the ATOL V8 into which he stepped for the first time late last year. Having qualified first on a wet track he sped up the hill to be victorious 0.25 of a second ahead of the rest. He was untouchable all morning really...

However, it may have gone to his head as later in the day he spun in the second run off and scored nothing, but he'll remember the morning and the taste of victory for a while yet.

Tim Mason won in the afternoon for his first win of the year as the track dried a little from the morning rain. With a second to Groves in the morning he came away with 19 points from the day. Well done...Trevor Willis was only 0.06 of a second behind Mason in third in the first run off for his best ever finish in the 2 litre OMS. David battled against Goliath..!

Championship leader Graeme Wight Junior spun in the first run off and but salvaged a third in the afternoon. The Channel Islands have not been kind to the Scot but he did have to run with a different front wing on the Gould V6 after his father spun on his second class run.

Roger Moran chased to a second in the second run off and has stealthily closed in on Wight Jnr to be within 7 points after 14 rounds completed.

Wiscombe Park is next on the agenda on Sunday 29th July.




Martin Groves 37.03
Tim Mason 37.28
Trevor Willis 37.34
Colin Le Maitre 37.79
Roy Lane 38.20
Roger Moran 38.78
Tim Coventry 39.15
Andy Borgourd 39.40
John Jones 40.24
Graeme Wight Snr 40.70
Graeme Wight Jnr Fail
Paul Brehaut Fail
Tim Mason 34.28
Roger Moran 34.97
Graeme Wight Jnr 35.05
Colin Le Maitre 35.08
Jason King 35.09
Trevor Willis 35.42
Roy Lane 35.91
Tim Coventry 36.39
Mike Dean 36.73
Andy Borghourd 36.97
Chris Merrick 37.16
Martin Groves Spin