Graeme Wight Jnr stuffed them all again at Shelsley Walsh for rounds 9 and 10 of the Tran-X British Speed Hill Climb Championship with his nimble Gould V6. The tables can be seen below for the results which once more show that it was left to the two Tims to chase hard in their similarly nosed - but bigger - Gould.

So what can people do? "There are plenty of those engines out there and we can easily make another chassis for you." where the words from David Gould at the end of the meeting. "I rather thought that he drove within himself actually."

It was a very successful day for the hill with the outright bike record going too, just three weeks after Junior took the outright record with 25.28. Phil Davies took his 1400 record further away from the rest, Mark Butler, Paul Haimes, the ever trying and worthy winning Mark Budgett, Wight Junior in the class, but the biggest scoop of the day must have been Ben Butterfield clinching the Hopkins 2 litre record which has stood since 1992. Well Done Ben to get into the run off too with Trevor Willis your fellow 2 litre runner, but the faster time than your 27.15 you did in the class runs cannot count I'm afraid, but there is a next time....

The championship now moves to the Channel Islands....


Graeme Wight Jnr 25.81
Tim Mason 26.06
Rob Turnbull 26.25
Tim Coventry 26.36
Roger Moran 26.62
Roy Lane 26.74
Simon Durling 26.99
Martin Groves 27.10
Willem Toet 27.25
Graeme Wight 27.27
Chris Merrick 27.60
Allan Warburton DNS
Graeme Wight Jnr 25.49
Tim Coventry 25.84
Tim Mason 26.04
Rob Turnbull 26.06
Roy Lane 26.57
Roger Moran 26.71
Graeme Wight 26.78
Ben Butterfield 27.01
Trevor Willis 27.10
Jim Robinson 27.29
Chris Merrick 27.58
Martin Groves FAIL