Graeme Wight Jnr left it to the final run of the day to set a new outright Shelsley record (25.28 secs) with a spectacular drive which had the crowd on the edge of its seats. He rocketed out from Kennel Bend, through Crossing as if on rails and into Ess approach speed trap at 119 m.p.h. A quick stab at the throttle as he slivered between the Esses and he was gone towards the finish leaving the fortunuate spectators at the top of the hill still gaping at the sight that they had just witnessed.

All in all a very satisfying day, with Tim Coventry taking his 1st British Hill Climb Championship in the run off before the lunchbreak. His day was overshadowed though at the end when he had an accident in the Esses with his V8 Gould.

It gave the Midland Automobile Club satisfaction to know that the record has gone as predicted over the winter with tarmac having to be laid through the Esses.

On Saturday Murray Walker returned to Shelsley Walsh - the place where he started his commentating career. He was a welcome visitor after speaking at the MAC's centennial dinner in Birmingham in January.

What is going to happen in 3 weeks time when the Tran-X British Speed Hill Climb Championship returns to Shelsley Walsh on July 8th?

Don't miss it. Be there!

Round 3
Tim Coventry 25.88
Graeme Wight Jnr 25.93
Tim Mason 26.36
Roy Lane 26.54
Rob Turnbull 26.59
Roger Moran 27.04
Simon Durling 28.10
Allan Warburton 28.15
Trevor Willis 28.29
Ben Butterfield 28.50
Chris Merrick 28.65
Graeme Wight 28.77
Round 4
Graeme Wight Jnr 25.28r
Tim Mason 26.65
Rob Turnbull 26.67
Roger Moran 26.78
Roy Lane 27.18
Graeme Wight 27.44
Simon Durling 27.83
Allan Warburton 28.37
Chris Merrick 28.58
Trevor Willis 28.82
Tom New 29.18
Tim Coventry FAIL