Graeme Wight Jnr took the British Hill Climb Championship at Loton Park with a third and fourth place in Karl Davison's Gould V8 after father Graeme hat a shunt in practice that took a hole out of the bottom of the Gould V6 that had been the steed of Jnr all year. Wight Snr was taken to hospital with an injured back, but the car - even though it was rolled back down the hill with a couple of new wheels - will need a great deal of repair.

All of this however overshadowed Roger Moran's first win in the 2001 season - and he had two of them so well done! Moran took Wight Jnr's class record and then got within 2/100ths of the outright hill record with his Gould V8 to reinstall the Herefordshire driver's confidence in the car after having porpoising problems in the mid season.

Mason went balls out on the second run and got second to still be second in the championship, but Moran can still catch Mason with 2 meetings left on the foot and mouth adjusted calendar. Remember that the end of the season should have been Doune on September 16th, but we will have to wait until Harewood on October 7th and Loton again on October 14th to see if that happens.

Tim Coventry was not entered as was on holiday. Turnbull did not qualify for either run off but Simon Durling had his best day of the year to collect 11 points so he did have a brilliant day at the office.

British F3 podium man Martin O'Connell drove Christian Mineeff's SPA sportscar and was way up in both run offs - AND is entered with Christian for the other two rounds.

Mark Butler got a record as did Phil Davies, but Adam Fleetwood's new 1100 record is faster than Moran's 1600 record at Loton now... Moran has a massive lead in the BMTR top 10 challenge with three meetings left.

Graeme Wight Jnr photo thanks to Martin Depper

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Roger Moran 48.72
Roy Lane 48.10
Wight Jnr 48.16
Martin O'Connell 48.22
Tim Mason 48.37
Simon Durling 48.72
Jim Robinson 49.03
Trevor Willis 49.07
Deryk Young 49.13
Chris Merrick 49.13
Martin Groves 50.09
Ben Butterfield FAIL
Roger Moran 47.64
Tim Mason 47.81
Roy lane 48.09
Wight Jnr 48.46
Simon Durling 48.66
Martin O'Connell 48.76
Jim Robinson 48.96
Chris Merrick 48.96
Trevor Willis 49.04
Martin Groves 49.55
Paul Ranson 49.79
Deryk Young 50.20