April 21st Loton Park
May 4th Prescott
May 10th Barbon
May 11th Harewood
May 25th Gurston
June 8th Shelsley Walsh
June 15th Doune
June 22nd Loton Park
June 6th Harewood
July 17th Bouley Bay
June 19th Val des Terres
July 27th Wiscombe
August 2nd Craigantlet
August 16th Shelsley Walsh
August 24th Gurston
September 7th Prescott
September 21st Doune

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This was definitely a day of two halves, with the morning session dominated by rain. Just as the first of the unlimited class came to run the rain arrived. As the spots on spectators programmes smudged the ink, Scott Moran and Jonathan Goodyear took their class runs. When the top runners came out so came more rain. A 15-20 minute break ensued while tyre choices were made. First out after the break was Bill Bristow who promptly lost it out of Karousel and stalled the engine. Then came Willem Toet who only just beat the 40 second mark. Later runners were quicker but could not better Phil Davies's marker of 30.76 in the twin engined Force. Come the run-off with a nearly dry track we saw a strange mix of unfamiliar names in top 12 territory.

In the afternoon it was business as usual. Scott Moran was the only unexpected non-qualifier. A strong breeze dried the track for first top 12 runners with penultimate runner Adam Fleetwood taking a new course record in tidy style with no heroics. He looked to be driving well within himself. It left Graeme Wight Junior needing a new record to win. He was up for it and truly went for it. However there was a fuel system problem and the car came to a halt on the hill. What will the cards bring at Shelsley?

As for Drivers of the meeting, Goodyears and Fleetwood's heroic performances are there together with Ben Butterfield who took a class record at 28.58 from Willis's old 28.63 mark.

Thanks to Eddie Walder for the report.

Next round is at Shelsley Walsh on June 7th and 8th


Round 9 Round 10
Jonathan Goodyear 28.49
Ben Butterfield 29.12
Trevor Willis 29.18
Mark Budgett 29.72
Scott Moran 29.86
Charlie Smith 30.03
Ian Chard 30.05
Justin Smith 30.11
Mike Gregory 30.34
James Blackmore 30.66
Phil Davies 31.28
Leon Bachelier Fail
Adam Fleetwood 26.61
Roy Lane 27.52
Tim Mason 27.80
Willem Toet 27.99
Simon Durling 28.11
Chris Merrick 28.24
Roger Moran 28.24
Jonathan Goodyear 28.29
Ben Butterfield 28.54
Trevor Willis 28.65
Mike Dean 29.53
Graeme Wight Jnr Fail