April 21st Loton Park
May 4th Prescott
May 10th Barbon
May 11th Harewood
May 25th Gurston
June 8th Shelsley Walsh
June 15th Doune
June 22nd Loton Park
June 6th Harewood
July 17th Bouley Bay
June 19th Val des Terres
July 27th Wiscombe
August 2nd Craigantlet
August 16th Shelsley Walsh
August 24th Gurston
September 7th Prescott
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12 months after the first ever sub 25 second run at Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire by Graeme Wight Jnr, the reigning British Hill Climb Champion again reduced the outright mark to 24.56 seconds today from the 24.85 that he set last June.

Rain affected the opening class runs meaning the run off times before lunch were slightly dulled, but the bravery of Tim Mason sped through to take his second win of the year ahead of Wight Jnr, but once the sun reappeared, track conditions were favourable once more to the quickest cars. Wight Jnr took the record down from 24.85 in the second class runs before reaching 24.56 on the last run of the day. Adam Fleetwoods first drive on the hill in his new Gould 3.3 V8 saw him too gain a bonus point for beating the original record from the start of the meeting by being 2nd BTD with 24.84. Stunning material from the pair of them!

Many thanks to John Charters who again has taken some stunning photographs of the meeting. He has many more if you wish to contact him ([email protected])

The next meeting int he British Hill Climb Championship is at Doune in Scotland over the weekend of 14th and 15th June, but the next meeting at Shelsley Walsh is over the weekend of July 5th and 6th.

Round 11 Round 12
Tim Mason 25.36
Graeme Wight Jnr 25.46
Adam Fleetwood 25.60
Roy Lane 26.38
Roger Moran 26.47
Simon Durling 26.88
Mike Dean 27.06
Chris Merrick 27.51
Willem Toet 27.53
Allan Warburton 27.58
Ben Butterfield 28.46
Mark Budgett Fail
Graeme Wight Jnr 24.56
Adam Fleetwood 24.84
Tim Mason 25.08
Roy Lane 25.49
Simon Durling 26.04
Deryk Young 26.15
Roger Fleetwood 26.15
Roger Moran 26.26
Trevor Willis 26.32
Mike Dean 26.42
Chris Merrick 26.63
Paul Haimes 26.76