The sixth weekend of the Tran-X British Hill Climb Championship tried all it could to dodge the showers, but in the end it was not to be with only the morning run off taking place before the meeting was cancelled after an enormous deluge left the Wiltshire track under water. Only four runners took their second class runs. Andrew Russell's orange Ginetta slid off at 45 mph through the Hollow trap - and he doesn't go off...

That did not stop the onslaught of Graeme Wight Junior dominating once more in the wet conditions immediately after a downpour, just as he had in the opening round at Loton Park. He won from slippery conditions expert Martin Groves and Roy Lane. The championship is continuing to be led by Junior with Tim Mason taking a knock back in the points after being the only one to attack the wet hill with slick tyres to get 6th in the run off. Mason was always second to Junior all weekend lest for the important time...

Practice on Saturday saw Wight Jnr faster than the outright hill record of 27.14 when he did a late 26, but even with the showers all morning affecting matters, he did a 27.59 to qualify fastest ahead of Mason's 28.29 and Turnbull's 28.68.

Roger Moran had a non score, whilst Tim Coventry will not share with Tim Mason for all of the remaining rounds - Dounes, Craigantlet and Wiscombe being the favoured meetings.

Bob Penrose had an off in the Ralt Rover V8 and bent the tub in an off at Ashes as well as many spins all weekend.

Round 10 of the Championship will never happen as we move on to Shelsley Walsh next weekend on June 2nd for the first visit of the year to the country's most famous hill where Graeme Wight Junior will be attacking the hill to beat his own 25.28 second record of last June.

Round 9
Graeme Wight Jnr 31.70
Martin Groves 32.19
Roy Lane 32.36
Rob Turnbull 32.62
Simon Durling 32.98
Tim Mason 33.01
Trevor Willis 33.34
Chris Merrick 33.78
Karl Davison 33.80
Deryk Young 33.83
Roger Moran 34.32
Mike Dean 35.74

All photos by Amy Tomlin