Roger Moran and the new for 2002 Pilbeam V6 2.5 litre took their first win as a combination at Harewood today some 0.35 seconds ahead of Graeme Wight Junior in the second run off. Tim Mason took maximum points after the first run off, 0.3 seconds ahead of Moran but made a couple of mistakes on the second run to be 6th.

For the 1997 Champion, Moran, it was a result that will open the door onto further success after having changed the mapping of the engine last weekend at Prescott (Midland Hill Climb Championship). The speed of the car also saw son Scott get into his first ever run off and score a point in the morning.

For Graeme Wight Junior, the weekend was fraught. Having only just rebuilt the car after its big accident at Doune three weeks ago, the reigning champion was a little at sea with the settings of the car with word of no record ever being kept of the set up from the last two years. Easier said than done of course, but Junior did put in a 51.9 second run in practice which was to be the best time of the weekend although unofficially of course. On top of all that, Graemes wife is heavily pregnant with twins and the day is close, so a phone call may have happened over the weekend!

Simon Durling took a 4th and a 3rd and was concerned that Roger Moran was now getting closer and closer to him in the points standings now to just one point.

Of the 2 litre V8 bashers, Paul Haimes took 5th in the afternoon after not getting a run in the morning after a driveshaft broke. Ben Butterfield, Trevor Willis, Jon Waggit and Basil Pitt also qualified but the interlopers were Michael Beattie in a Jedi 1600 and Adam Fleetwood in his 1100 who took 1.3 seconds off the class record! He then went even faster in the run off....

Rob Turnbull did not attend, nor Lane and Coventry. There were 13 qualifiers for the first run off.

The next round of the championship in the Channel Islands on Thursday 18th July at Bouley Bay with Val des Terres two days afterwards, and at the moment Wight Junior is not going, nor Mason so things could change very quickly indeed at the top of the table.

(Photo from May, July photos awaited)

Round 17 Round 18
Tim Mason 52.18
Roger Moran 52.48
Graeme Wight Jnr 52.58
Siomn Durling 53.2
Deryk Young 53.8
Martin Groves 54.04
Trevor Willis 54.09
Ben Butterfield 54.36
Adam Fleetwood 54.36
Scott Moran 55.15
Michael Beattie 55.38
Chris Merrick 55.38
Basil Pitt 55.43
Roger Moran 52.46
Graeme Wight Jnr 52.81
Simon Durling 53.44
Martin Groves 53.59
Paul Haimes 53.66
Tim Mason 53.95
Ben Butterfield 54.15
Chris Merrick 54.23
Trevor Willis 54.27
Adam Fleetwood 54.38
Scott Moran 55.41
Jon Waggit 55.42