Tim Mason was totally in control of the first Doune meeting of the year for the Tran-X British Hill Climb Championship with a double victory in his Gould V8. For the Inkberrow driver, it now puts him a mere 4 points back of Wight Jnr in the title hunt, but with 22 of the 34 rounds to count, it still means that Jnr has a bigger 'blind lead' than is readily apparent.

Graeme Wight Junior's British Hill Climb Championship effort came to an abrupt halt for the day as during the first ruin off of the day at Doune he piled into the outside barrier of the first corner with the 2001 Championship winning car damaging it beyond repair for the day. A great deal of time was spent clearing up the mess but it leaves the crew with three weeks to get the damage repaired before Harewood on July 7th. Lucky in some respects that the crash did not happen at the top of a string of rounds that may have left the car out of action for some while, but the luck has gone with them - if you can call it that - with this two week gap.

Trevor Willis had a biggie at the top of the hill over East Brae in the opening run off when he flipped his 2 litre OMS - fortunately without immediate injury. This and the Wight Jnr incident held up proceedings for a while, but soon things were back on track.

Tim Coventry did not drive even though he was entered, but the man who did do the next best to Mason hroughout the day was Martin Groves who cam away with 16 points. Not bad in the big ATOL.

Simon Durling had a 10th and a 2nd after he thumped the guardrail and limped to the top in the first run off.

Roger Moran was back in the Pilbeam V6 after his engine problems at Shelsley two weeks ago that saw him back in the MP72 last weekend at Loton.

Adam Fleetwood had never seen the pace until Friday and yet came away with 10 points to put him back inside the top 12 of the championship - and all of that in an 1100!

Locals Stewart Robb in a 2.8 MP57 Pilbeam and John Whyte in a 2.8 MP50 were amongst the regulars scoring healthy points.

The championship returns to Doune in September for one of the most social of events in the calendar.

The next round is at Harewood nr Leeds on July 7th

Round 15

Round 16

Tim Mason 41.28
Rob Turnbull 41.59
Martin Groves 41.96
Roger Moran 42.11
Ben Butterfield 42.73
Adam Fleetwood 43.31
Stewart Robb 43.38
Paul Haimes 43.74
John Whyte 44.19
Simon Durling 1m 06.89
Trevor Willis Fail
Graeme Wight Jnr Fail
Tim Mason 40.65
Simon Durling 40.97
Martin Groves 41.01
Roger Moran 41.30
Rob Turnbull 41.86
Adam Fleetwood 42.20
Stewart Robb 42.55
John Wyhte 43.09
Paul Haimes 43.32
Allan Warburton 44.20
Paul Ranson 44.22
Ben Butterfield 50.11