Roy Lane took a double win in Guernsey today and twenty points back to Warwickshire when he won rounds 21 and 22 of the 2002 British Hill Climb Championship. However, with the non entry of Graeme Wight Junior to the Channel Island rounds, Tim Mason has gone to the top of the championship table as the series moves on to Wiscombe Park next weekend.

Masons day hardly started well with him not driving fast enough to even qualify for the first run off as Martin Groves spun on his first class run. A disastorus day indeed for Mason who was looking to scoop valuable points whilst the likes of Wight Jnr, Turnbull and Young were not entered.

A full run down of the championship table will be available on Tuesday afternoon, but in the meantime, here are the results and the top 12 in the championship with Mason now leading.


Round 21 Round 22
Roy Lane 31.37
Roger Moran 31.53
Colin Le Maitre 31.57
Simon Durling 31.89
Paul le Messurier 32.47
Trevor Willis 32.58
Adam Fleetwood 32.65
Charlie Smith 32.80
Nick Saunders 32.89
Ian le Messurier 32.98
John Jones 33.00
Justin Smith 45.30
Roy Lane 30.69
Tim Mason 31.68
Trevor Willis 31.75
Roger Moran 31.85
Martin Groves 32.11
Adam Fleetwood 32.16
Colin le Maitre 32.27
Paul le Messurier 32.32
Simon Durling 32.67
Justin Smith 32.80
Nick Saunders 32.99
Jason King 33.06


Points after Val des Terres
Tim Mason 148
Roger Moran 135
Graeme Wight Jnr 135
Simon Durling 124
Martin Groves 101
Rob Turnbull 85
Trevor Willis 80
Roy Lane 72
Tim Coventry 40
Deryk Young 39
Paul Haimes 38
Adam Fleetwood 37