Rob Turnbull took his first win of the 2002 British Hill Climb season at Bouley Bay with a final run off blast to the top of the timing sheets. Tim Mason was victorious in the opening salvo but dinged his car in the afternoon run off and hence scored zero points, but his tall from the morning has meant that Graeme Wight Juniors lead in the championship standings has now gone down to second place.

Mason only decided late in the day to go to the Channel Islands, whilst Graeme Wight Jnr did not attend. Turnbull will not be going to Val des Terres which takes place this Saturday in Guernsey.

Other highlights were Trevor Willis 4th in the afternoon and once more Adam Fleetwoods magnificent run in the 1100 with a 5th.

Round 19 Round 20
Tim Mason 39.15
Rob Turnbull 39.58
Roy Lane 39.98
Roger Moran 40.27
Trevor Willis 40.35
Simon Durling 40.35
Martin Groves 40.68
Jeremy Phillips 41.69
Mike Dean 42.20
Charlie Smith 42.24
Adam Fleetwood 43.05
Colin Le Maitre 44.21
Rob Turnbull 39.78
Roy Lane 40.06
Roger Moran 40.19
Trevor Willis 40.87
Adam Fleetwood 41.14
Jeremy Phillips 41.15
Simon Durling 41.38
Colin Le Maitre 42.23
Justin Smith 42.27
Russ Pickering 42.55
Tim Mason Fail
Martin Groves No Run


Points after Bouley Bay
Tim Mason 139
Graeme Wight Jnr 135
Roger Moran 119
Simon Durling 115
Martin Groves 95
Rob Turnbull 85
Trevor Willis 67