Graeme Wight Junior continued his winning ways in the 2002 British Hill Climb Championship this afternoon by compounding his two wins last weekend at Loton Park with two more wins at the Cheltenham venue of Prescott in Gloucestershire. It goes without saying that the reigning Champion continues to lead the Championship, this week by 13 points.

It was a real joy to drive today everything was good even if the track was a little slow so that left me about 3/10th off the record. Said Junior as he packed the Gould V6 away into the truck.

Roger Moran said of his new Pilbeam MP88 which turned a wheel for the very first time some nine days earlier, Very good day. Very happy indeed with the afternoon run. For a car out of the box it really is amazing but we have discovered that first gear is a little too long and that there is too much negative camber on the rear which has meant the rear tyres are not being worked properly.... There was only about 2/3rds of the tyre working, but those things can be changed very easily for next time.

Mark Coley spun in the final run off at the semi circle which held up proceedings momentarily, but fortunately without injury to the driver.
Roy Lane failed to qualify for the second run off after a very uncharacteristic spin in the class runs.

The next rounds of the Championship are next weekend at Barbon in Cumbria on Saturday 11th May before a round at Harewood the day after on the Sunday. This makes the weekend bursting full of 44 points for the winner of all the rounds.

Of next weekend, Graeme Wight Jnr commented, I think I can get the win and then the record too at Barbon as I thought I could have won there in 2000 were it not for a battery failure, but as for Harewood, it depends on the temperature on the day as to if we can get some heat into the tyres. If that can happen then we could go for the double.



Round 3 Round 4
Graeme Wight Jnr 37.84
Tim Mason 38.90
Tim Coventry 38.93
Rob Turnbull 39.19
Roger Moran 39.32
Trevor Willis 39.72
Simon Durling 40.15
Roy Lane 40.20
Martin Groves 40.37
Paul Haimes 40.66
Oliver Tomlin 40.96
Adam Fleetwood Fail
Graeme Wight Jnr 38.11
Tim Mason 38.77
Roger Moran 39.29
Tim Coventry 39.57
Trevor Willis 39.61
Martin Groves 39.68
Rob Turnbull 39.78
Paul Haimes 40.26
Simon Durling 40.38
Chris Merrick 41.44
Paul Ranson 41.64
Mark Coley Fail


All photos by Martin Depper