Graeme Wight Junior clinched his second British Hill Climb Championship at the penultimate meeting of the year with once more a drive that saw him dig deep to overcome big pressure from his rivals. The Scot lost out in the morning run off to an absolutely stunning drive by Rob Turnbull to clock his season up to two wins in the Gould V8. Turnbulls speed through the first corner was breathtaking as he shaded a 38 second run. Word that the Turnbull car has been sold were very strong indeed over the weekend so Rob was in certainly in the mood to give it a good send off particularly as though he then sped to second place in the afternoon run off only beaten by a flying Wight jnr who wanted to wrap the title up there and then rather than waiting until Doune two weeks later.

Now in his third year with the Gould V6, Wight Junior has won 13 rounds this year so far with Doune on the horizon in two weeks time. His season started strongly, but tailed off after his crash at the Scottish hill in June that then saw a run of form from others meaning he didnt win a round between June 10th and August 3rd, but once back into his hills, he upped the ante and got on with it. The season included Graeme becoming a father to twins. Something else to be on his mind...

A gentleman sportsman with a team playing and humorous crew around him, he is a credit to the sport and a crowd puller with his driving skill and mastery of what cannot be a terribly easy car to drive at those speeds. Well done to Graeme and Graeme Senior from all of the Top12 crew.

For David and Sean Gould it was another title for them under their belts as they celebrated in the Gloucestershire sun shine with Tim Mason, this seasons runner up struggling to make his car go any faster all day. It wont go any faster... he said at lunch. Mason has driven well over the 2002 season badgering away at Wight Junior when all thought it would be a complete walk over with the title being wrapped up at Craigantlet in early August, but with what we saw with Masons speed at Gurston last weekend, he was not going to let it drop right until the very end. He deserves to win the title as hes had so many more wins, but now we can go to Doune and have some real fun! said Mason. Tims bad luck at Shelsley when a wheel came off and thereby letting junior into the first run off there was indicative of his luck this year, but it certainly didnt show bearing in mind his co-driver Tim Coventry only drove the car once after May.

Ben Butterfield had a belting drive to 4th in the morning only for an air filter fire to catch hold in the paddock before the afternoon class runs see a marshall download an entire extinguisher into the trumpets.... Later removing the plugs and turning the thing over saw look-a-like melted ice cream spurting out... A bad luck end to a fantastic morning.

However, Paul Haimes took up the 2 litre bashing of the V8s in the afternoon run with a 4th in the for sale Dallara (See News page) Martin Groves didnt score after a morning in the gravel at Ettores meaning it took hours to get the gravel out over lunchtime... It was everywhere...

Roy Lane had a couple of 5ths and Simon Durling a 9th and a 5th, Roger Moran, two 7ths in Mike Deans Gould V8 Rogers car from last year indeed, but with the yellow MP88 out with a broken gearbox, it was kind of Mike to lend his car.

The 1100 class was as hot as ever but really, Adam Fleetwood was never going to be caught all weekend with his speed through the Esses. Just mind blowing... The OMS chassis may not be best at some places, but the way he chucked it and made it grip through the Esses was breathtaking. He got into the first run off, as did Mark Budgett, but was beaten by the Force to the final point after Budgett had softened the rear of his car up on Saturday afternoon. Budgett got into the second run off - as did Chris Merrick but failed to get a point.

All in all a fantastic day even if there were mysterious hold ups with no communication TO the commentators about what was going on. (Remember, never shoot the messenger.) The weather was stunning and the views all over the place were fine indeed. A perfect hill climb day with our drive of the day going to Rob Turnbull (Morning).... Graeme Wight Jnr (Afternoon) Ben Butterfield or Paul Haimes.

Next round is up there at Doune on September 15th.



Round 31 Round 32
Rob Turnbull 38.03
Graeme Wight Jnr 38.09
Tim Mason 38.74
Ben Butterfield 39.12
Roy Lane 39.37
Paul Haimes 39.38
Roger Moran 39.44
Trevor Willis 39.62
Simon Durling 39.66
Mark Budgett 40.15
Adam Fleetwood 41.29
Martin Groves Fail
Graeme Wight Jnr 37.88
Rob Turnbull 38.18
Tim Mason 38.41
Paul Haimes 39.04
Roy Lane 39.10
Simon Durling 39.12
Roger Moran 39.28
Deryk Young 39.51
Paul Ranson 39.93
Trevor Willis 39.95
Chris Merrick 40.25
Mark Budgett 40.54


Pictures Toby Moody and John Charters ()