Tim Mason ran off with BTD and two wins from Wiscombe today with the only runs inside 36 seconds all day at the boiling hot Devon venue. He extends his championship lead, but with Graeme Wight Jnr having rounds in hand, the reigning champion will be getting into his stride in the latter part of this season with his hills approaching.

Simon Durling was fastest qualifier for the first run off and got a brilliant second, but an off after the line of his second class run meant that running repairs were hastily done before he got a 5th in the afternoon.

Martin Groves flew up for a stunning third place in the ATOL which is not the smallest car to get up Wiscombe at all in what was a terribly close run off with 0.31 seconds covering 2nd to 7th.

Adam Fleetwood whupped the 1100 record once more and got some points to boot in the run offs, whilst fellow OMS runner Trevor Willis stalled over the line in the afternoon meaning he didnt qualify for the second run off.

The weather once more was baking hot at Wiscombe which has now got the accolade of being the hottest hill climb of the year for the last three years after being the wettest in the mid 90s!



Round 23 Round 24
Tim Mason 35.62
Simon Durling 36.03
Tim Coventry 36.11
Rob Turnbull 36.26
Roger Moran 36.43
Martin Groves 36.72
Graeme Wight Jnr 36.88
Trevor Willis 36.93
Mark Budgett 37.17
Adam Fleetwood 37.44
Deryk Young 37.47
Basil Pitt 38.54
Tim Mason 35.76
Graeme Wight Jnr 36.12
Martin Groves 36.15
Tim Coventry 36.18
Simon Durling 36.23
Rob Turnbull 36.39
Roger Moran 36.43
Paul Haimes 36.74
Adam Fleetwood 37.16
Basil Pitt 37.29
Deryk Young 37.73
Scott Moran 38.63