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Venue Map
April 12 loton Park
May 2 Prescott
May 15 Barbon
May 16 Harewood
May 30 Gurston Down
June 6 Shelsley Walsh
June 13 Loton Park
June 20 Doune
July 4 Harewood
July 15 Bouley Bay
July 17 Val des Terres
July 25 Wiscombe
August 7 Craigantlet
August15 Shelsley Walsh
August 29 Gurston Down
September 5 Prescott
September 19 Doune

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Roger acknowledges winIn a day of shocks and surprises Roger Fleetwood took a maiden Nicholson Mclaren British Hill Climb Championship round win at wet and dry Gurston Down 29th August. Shocks, because younger son Todd in the family OMS caused a major scare after a big accident on the exit from Hollow in the morning class runs. Shaken and stirred, Todd returned from a hospital check up in time to see his father’s maiden win after a run-off competitor’s decision to delay their morning points scoring shots until after lunch following rain. A further rain affected afternoon run-off saw more surprises as only two regular front runners qualified for run-off places. The two, Adam Fleetwood and Rob Turnbull duly finished first and second with a list of unfamiliar runners behind them led by Chris Guile.

Adam FleetwoodNot for the first time in 2004 here was a weather affected day of competition as rain of varying strength came and went several times. The effect was broad, having a bearing on much of the days competition. Todd Fleetwood’s serious accident at around 11:10 am caused an understandable delay as the rescue team carefully extracted him from the wreckage followed by the inevitable recovery of the remains of the previously immaculate OMS.

Gurston Down Round 29

Phil Cooke in the Force blitzed his previous 28.54 under 1600 cc class record down to 28.35. Although Trevor Willis took the previous under 2000 cc 28.42 record of Ben Butterfield down to 28.37 it is the long and lean Phil who holds the better time in the smaller capacity class! Some light rain passed through threatening to slow things down but by the time the quicker unlimited class cars came out, it was drying. A little later more rain passed through and as the top 12 qualifiers stood in the paddock on a mixture of wet and dry tyres the clerk of the course offered a choice to go immediately or wait until after the lunch break. Even though the track was fast drying the drivers chose the latter.

Tim Mason in unfamiliar helmetReturning little more than an hour later the first five top 12 runners would fill the first five places as light rain started again. As sixth runner Tim Mason (in Roy Lane’s now classic MP 58) came to the line the rain affected the times. The effect was short lived as the rain quickly abated but put the last seven runners into the 30’s. By the time fastest qualifier Adam Fleetwood came to the line it was almost certain that his second running father had won his maiden Nicholson Mclaren British Hill Climb Championship round. As Adam raced to the finish line and seventh place Dad Roger celebrated his win! Mike Dean second, Chris Merrick and unfamiliar but happy third, Phil Cooke up there at last in fourth, with Scott Moran fifth.

Gurston Down Round 30

Rob TurnbullAs the afternoon class runs took place more rain fell from mid way through the under 1600 cc class runners to have a greater effect than earlier in the day. Matthew Harrison in the ex Mineef SPA Judd and Chris Guile in the rear engined Mallock would find themselves top qualifiers as regular run-off drivers failed to better Phil Price’s time in the Mason’s Reynard as the track again started to dry out following a sharp downpour that had spectators diving for cover for the umpteenth time! A very special effort by the ultra experienced Rob Turnbull (32.27) saw him through as others missed the cut. An similar great run from Adam Fleetwood (32.28) meant he would join rob amongst some very unfamiliar competition for Nicholson Mclaren British Hill Climb Championship points.

Lynne Owen celebrates Championship pointsIt was probably inevitable that the scoreline went the way the results table shows but it enables Rob to close in. Matthew Harrison was cock-a-hoop with his fourth and was congratulated by a group of sports libre and supersports drivers including Simon Moyse as he climbed out of the now slightly cracked and red gaffer taped SPA. So, yet more points in the bag for Champion Adam Fleetwood and experience counting for Rob Turnbull for so long a top end competitor.

A note below from Roger Fleetwood to all who were at Gurston over the weekend.

“I have already thanked the rescue crews, medics and marshalls, but once again a big thank you.”

“I forgot on Sunday to thank all those people who were so kind and supportive to Jo, Adam and I whilst we waited for any news about Todd.
There were so many people it is difficult to know where to start and if I have forggotton any one then I am sorry and it does not mean I think any less of you.
Special mention must go to the girls, Betty Lane, Charlotte Durling, Shirley Endean who looked after Jo who thankfully had not seen the incident and remained calm and collected.”

“I would like to thank in particular Alex ,Roger Moran ,Rob Turnbull, Steve and Lynn Owen.”

“You were all very kind.”

Roger. F

Round 29
Roger Fleetwood 27.47
Mike Dean 27.97
Chris Merrick 28.43
Phil Cooke 28.59
Scott Moran 28.83
Willem Toet 30.08
Adam Fleetwood 30.43
Martin Groves 31.09
Roger Moran 32.03
Rob Turnbull 32.04
Tim Mason 32.86
Karl Davison 32.44
Round 30
Adam Fleetwood 30.17
Rob Turnbull 31.64
Chris Guile 33.40
Matt Harrison 33.51
Phil Price 34.24
Lynne Owen 35.70
Phil Davies 35.82
Andy Bougourd 36.47
Geoff Guile 37.76
Rhys Howells 38.13
Ian Fidoe DNS
Ed Hollier DNS

Round Up & Gossip

28 scores to count and no points to drop on the run in for any in the top twelve except Adam Fleetwood who is so far out of sight that it doesn’t matter. He has 9+8+4= 21 to drop currently with three zeroes as well. Willem Toet closes to within a couple of points of Roger Moran. Four rounds remain and it looks as if Martin Groves is out of reach of third place. Mike Dean could be caught by Rob Turnbull dependent on either’s desire to travel to Doune and on Rob’s end-of-season method of propulsion! Looks like Rob can easily pass Graeme Wight Junior at Prescott. Roger Fleetwood must have the Scot in his sights now and could well fancy his chances of catching Rob Turnbull. Desire to travel may count in the final round-up. But can Junior rescue his situation with his new car or possibly a short term car share?

End of season bash at Doune may be indoors this year. Given this years weather it may be a sensible idea!

End of season here again and so many cars up for sale! Space limits us but both of Deryk Young’s rolling chassis (Del-lara and MP 58-01) are on the market as is the Groves/Ranson GR37. Wonder what chassis Deryk will shoehorn his big methanol burning V8 into next? Several more top end cars are reputed to be on sale, including a nice much-ferried mid-blue one whose owner has been well north since Shelsley and of course the Wight family GR51 is still on the market and might benefit from an engine upgrade! Speaking of which the GWR V10 edges closer and is awaiting a transmission as this article is written. First time out at Doune is a slim prospect.

We hear that the Roy Lane GR55 is definitely NOT for sale and Prescott Headmaster Roy plans a couple of outings soon, subject to his continued recovery and rehabilitation.

Several current sports and small single seater runners in the market for slightly larger single seaters, looking to do a Goodyear and Marshall up the classes next season. There are some nice MP62 rolling chassis about if you know where to look. But what power unit to use?

How will Rob Turnbull do with an even fresher and more powerful GR55 to virtually the same spec as the Fleetwood car? An intriguing prospect indeed.

Phil “Bling” Cooke has carried all before him in his class this season and has nothing left to prove after carrying the battle to the 2 litre division. Despite the scoring superlatives of Adam Fleetwood, Phil must be up for a driver of the season award in the bare minimum Force.

Which long time 1600 car engined stalwart pronounces Tony Hunt’s beautifully presented Force as very nice and surprisingly spacious? His picture is on the bar wall at Gurston. Answers on a postcard to…………………..

Which rat-tat-tatting cartoon character made a late appearance on the rear wing of the Nicholson Mclaren British Hill Climb Champions car?

Which Lane family member is a “naughty boy” and why?

See you all at Prescott September 5th!

Eddie Walder