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2004 Season 2004 Results
2004 Winners

Venue Map
April 12 loton Park
May 2 Prescott
May 15 Barbon
May 16 Harewood
May 30 Gurston Down
June 6 Shelsley Walsh
June 13 Loton Park
June 20 Doune
July 4 Harewood
July 15 Bouley Bay
July 17 Val des Terres
July 25 Wiscombe
August 7 Craigantlet
August15 Shelsley Walsh
August 29 Gurston Down
September 5 Prescott
September 19 Doune

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Summer came late at Prescott as the two hottest drivers of the season continued their record breaking ways. The sun beat down for a change this summer with Adam Fleetwood breaking his May hill record in winning both run-offs and also matching the old record in afternoon qualifying for a maximum 22 points; Phil Cooke annihilating his year old under 1600 cc record with the first ever 38 second runs in that class. Sandra Tomlin took a new Ladies record in possibly her last weekend in the 4 cylinder Pilbeam. Phil and Adam had also gone below their standing records on Saturday to sound out a warning to other competitors.

Prescott Round 31

Phil CookPhil Cooke in the Force took his previous 39.47 under 1600 cc class record down to 38.50 bettering the 2 litre record and outrunning top 2 litre qualifier Trevor Willis. It was tough at the top in a full over 2 litre class. Will Mason surprised them to qualify from the 2 litre class in his usual all-action style. Rob Turnbull in a factory fresh and Curborough shaken-down Cosworth HB powered Gould GR55, Paul Haimes in the Dallara and Simon Durling in a guest outing in the Rob Turnbull 2.5 GR55 found themselves unable to qualify against Phil, Trevor, Will and also Oliver Tomlin all in lower powered but agile machines.

Scott MoranDual drivers Scott Moran and Roger Fleetwood set the early run off mark for eventual sixth and fourth equal, Roger continuing his hot runs this season. Karl Davison ran in the 39’s but no points. Will Mason continued his all-action output for tenth place. Mike Dean going well for fourth equal to continue his 2004 form. Trevor Willis disappointing for zero points. Phil Cooke giant killing again for seventh. Roger Moran reliable as ever for second. Penultimate runner Willem Toet slow at the finish after clouting a rumble strip only eighth and regrettably no more runs. Final runner Adam Fleetwood there again with another superb hill record for a textbook performance and a full house of eleven points.

Prescott Round 32

Rob TurnbullQualification saw Rob Turnbull and Simon Durling qualify the Silver Gould squad. Phil Cooke there again as was Oliver Tomlin and Karl Davison. No joy for Paul Haimes with a failed qualifying run. Poor Willem Toet could not get his car repaired in time to take his class run despite massive effort on a hot and sweaty afternoon. Usual suspects made up the balance of the runners and away we went. First up Roger Fleetwood disappointed with zero points but second running Scott Moran happy with fourth to finish ahead of father Roger. Karl Davison in the points this time and cries of “Deano” for Mike Dean on Ettore’s field slopes as the Channel Islander ran a great time to be passed on the run in by only the top two. Phil Cooke unfortunately pointless with his worst run of the weekend. Tomlin, Durling and Willis in the points. Roger Moran just behind Scott for six points. Experience counting for Rob Turnbull the third last runner coming on strong so soon in a new car and not to be bettered by penultimate runner Martin Groves who slipped in sixth followed by further cries of “Deano”. Finally the form man of the season Adam Fleetwood to reset the hill record for the second time in one day in the style to which we have become familiar..

Round 31
Adam Fleetwood 36.55
Roger Moran 37.96
Martin Groves 38.13
Roger Fleetwood 38.39
Mike Dean 38.39
Scott Moran 38.74
Phil Cooke 38.84
Willem Toet 38.98
Oliver Tomlin 39.16
Will Mason 39.32
Trevor Willis 39.33
Karl Davison 39.36
Round 32
Adam Fleetwood 36.53
Rob Turnbull 38.19
Mike Dean 38.39
Scott Moran 38.44
Roger Moran 38.68
Martin Groves 38.79
Trevor Willis 38.80
Oliver Tomlin 39.04
Karl Davison 39.06
Simon Durling 39.76
Phil Cooke 39.97
Roger Fleetwood 40.54

Scores Round Up

As before 28 scores to count and no points to drop on the run in for any in the top twelve except Adam Fleetwood who is now so far out of sight that it doesn’t matter. He has 9+8+4= 21 to drop currently with three zeroes as well so no change there either. Willem Toet drops away from Roger Moran after a bad weekend with Martin Groves only 10 points away from him. Mike Dean keeps his distance from Rob Turnbull who passes Graeme Wight Junior for sixth. Roger Fleetwood only 1 point adrift of the Scot after a disappointing afternoon. He reports younger son Todd well recovered and back at school!

Deryk Young to buy the Wight’s GR51 and will shoehorn his big methanol burning V8 in there somewhere. This should give him a car of somewhat equivalent potency to the Roy Lane GR55. What can his wife Sue do with that we wonder? Sandra and Oliver Tomlin acquire the Chris Merrick Pilbeam. Chris not decided on his next move but shared the Davison car this weekend. More acquisitions in the pipeline for a number of top runners but no hard news yet.

Graeme Wight Junior was at Prescott for a guest drive in the 1 litre Force of Duncan Barnes. Asked about the V10 GWR he told us “We have come too far with the project to rush the car to Doune” We will see the long awaited projectile next season.

Lothian Car Club organising an end of season party at the Doune hill Saturday 18th September with a buffet dinner in the Quarry Restaurant followed by live music and dancing plus a raffle. Bring your own drink. £10 a ticket, call Billy Cater on 07970 369975. All competitors, mechanics, marshals, organisers, family and friends welcome. What, even top12runoff?

See you all at Doune the weekend of 18/19th September!

Eddie Walder