Nicholson McLaren Engines - Sponsors of the 2004 British Speed Hill Climb Championship

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Venue Map
April 12 Loton Park
May 2 Prescott
May 15 Barbon
May 16 Harewood
May 30 Gurston Down
June 6 Shelsley Walsh
June 13 Loton Park
June 20 Doune
July 4 Harewood
July 15 Bouley Bay
July 17 Val des Terres
July 25 Wiscombe
August 7 Craigantlet
August15 Shelsley Walsh
August 29 Gurston Down
September 5 Prescott
September 19 Doune

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2004 British Hill Climb Championship
April 12th Loton Park
May 2nd Prescott
May 15th Barbon
May 16th Harewood
May 30th Gurston
June 6th Shelsley Walsh
June 13th Loton Park
June 20th Doune
July 4th Harewood
July 15th Bouley Bay
July 17th Val des Terres
July 25th Wiscombe
August 7th Craigantlet

August 15th

Shelsley Walsh
August 29th Gurston
September 5th Prescott
September 19th Doune